Should I apply before my re-take in october?

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Should I apply before my re-take in october?

Postby rglifberg » Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:41 pm

Hey all, so the title basically sums it up. I am planning on taking my third and final re-take in October. My first score was a 153, in June I got a 158 (completely under-performed), aiming for 162+ in October. My top choices are UF and FSU. I really want to apply early and put myself in the best position to get in, so, should I apply when apps open (September) and let them know I am taking the October LSAT, or should I just not even apply until after I get my October results? If I should apply before October should I add that info in an addendum? Thanks!


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Re: Should I apply before my re-take in october?

Postby CodyRuegger » Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:16 am

Surly TLS wisdom will tell you not to apply without a higher score, period.

I'm kind of inclined to agree. I think you're probably capable of a much higher score if you really take a deep look at the LSAT material and forget time limits. Given the state of the legal job market and the burden of student loans you will assume without a big scholarship, you really want to push for mid 160's (or higher). Anything less and you are selling yourself and your future job prospects short.

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