anybody else's university considered "W" as credit attempted

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Re: anybody else's university considered "W" as credit attempted

Postby somewhatwayward » Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:09 am

barberiolisa wrote:Thanks, that comment was really helpful. My school transcript clearly states W's are non-punitive and so does another link on this thread when I type in my school (Kent State University) it states W's are omitted from gpa calculation for the school and LSAC. When you had your withdrawals on the transcript, under the transcript totals where it posts attempted hours, did it still list attempted hours in the transcript totals for the W's?

The LSAC policy regarding transcript summarization that is written sure contradicts itself in several places. In one place it says W grades are omitted, then elsewhere it says, "failure is defined as credit attempted but not earned" but obviously when you withdrawal credit is attempted. Then in one place it says WF's are omitted if school deems them non-punitive and then elsewhere it says Withdrawal/Failure is defined as failure even if schools says non-punitive. I dont know what anyone else thinks but its impossible to even make sense of what they wrote in the link I pasted below: ... p#excluded

My school had a weird-ass approach to credit - you got .5 credits per class, no matter how much the class met (so generally a seminar meeting two hours a week was easier than the chemistry class meeting three hours a week lecture plus two hours of lab), and you needed 16 credits to graduate. This was Harvard, so it is LOL to talk about graduating from Harvard after amassing only 16 credits. I don't think my transcript listed attempted credit, though. Maybe that is why the Ws were automatically not included?

Why don't you send your transcript in and see what happens? I understand that you want to sort it out before because it is probably easier to figure out on the front end than argue with LSAC about recalculating the GPA, but if you are dissatisfied with what they do, could you make a new account on LSAC essentially? I don't know if that is a ridiculous suggestion as I applied in the 09-10 cycle, and it has been awhile. There should be some way to get a GPA preview so you can decide whether the move forward with your transcripts as is. For people who have the option of retroactive WD (that wasn't an option at Harvard and neither was retaking a class and replacing the grade), definitely get that figured out before submitting the transcript.

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