Asking for a deferral?

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Asking for a deferral?

Postby fadedsunrise » Thu May 31, 2012 11:38 pm

Hi guys, I know this question has been put up many times but I hope you can help me:

I'm accepted at UC Hastings(can't defer), and waitlisted at USC. Ideally, I would like to go to USC, and am in the process of submitting on time LOCI's, as well as an additional letter of rec from my previous employer, who is an USC law alum. My numbers are 3.76 and 162.

I received no scholarship at Hastings, and if accepted off the USC waitlist I would receive none either, at this point probably. Thus, either or is going to be at sticker price, and preferably USC.

My question is how would USC take to my situation? Should I ask them now for a deferral to work my current job and make some money? Reapply with better LSAT scores? How much better? If I reapplied would they hold any of my materials from this year or do I resubmit everything? The deferral would be wonderful personally speaking too because I'd have a chance to go abroad and volunteer for a short period.

I'm just really confused as to how deferral works and given that I'm wl for usc and not admitted, I didn't know whether I should ask them upfront and whether it would hurt my chances to do so.

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Re: Asking for a deferral?

Postby Bronck » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:01 am

Huh? How can you ask for a deferral if you haven't even been accepted yet? That doesn't make sense.

FWIW, USC at sticker isn't a very good idea. By extension, Hastings at sticker isn't a very good idea either. You have a good GPA, no need to waste it; retake and reapply next cycle. Use LSN to figure out what LSAT score would be realistic for acceptances/scholarships to USC. But if you have ties to LA, aim for the 170s so you can get into a T14 and open up more options.

There's plenty of literature on here about reapplying, but yes you need to resubmit your materials through the LSAC application process.

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