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Re: The JD/MBA Info Thread

Postby imchuckbass58 » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:30 pm

Shooter wrote:From a distance, it appears as though b-schools HEAVILY favor students from top undergrads - a lot moreso than do law schools. I figure this has something to do with the fact that kids from top undergrads have more prestigious work experience (i.e. pretty much no one from a typical state university, regardless of their performance, ever gets a consulting or i-banking gig).

Can you shed any light on this?

I think that's correct - concentration of top undergrads is higher than even law school. That said, there are plenty of people from "non-prestigious" undergrads given how big class sizes are. As you point out, unclear whether it's actually something they select for or just comes hand-in-hand with them selecting for high test scores and good work experience.

It's also worth keeping in mind b-school isn't as full of ex-ibankers and consultants as people think. While they make up a significant portion (half?) of the class, there are plenty of people who worked "in industry" (i.e., for companies), nonprofits, government, as engineers, etc.

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