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Letter of Recommendation - Question

Postby alpha kenny body » Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:44 pm

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Re: Letter of Recommendation - Question

Postby aekea » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:47 am

MTH2 wrote:I am currently an AA male taking Constitutional Law 2 at my undergraduate institution and my teacher is an AA male who received his Masters in Government and Doctorate in Political Science from Cornell. In addition, I have taken Law and Politics as well as Constitutional Law 1, and this shall be my 3 A in his class. He's an amazing teacher, my favorite professor, we have a great rapport, and he said he would gladly write my recommendation. My question is that, although he attended Cornell for Advanced Degrees and not their Law School, is he still suitable? (Note: Cornell is my #1)

The only way I can see this turning out poorly is if he writes about how you'll be a great law student because you took his Constitutional Law classes and are some sort of Con Law expert. That probably wouldn't hold a lot of water since he's not a law professor and the class was not a law class (I'm assuming. You didn't actually make it entirely clear despite providing way more information than necessary). The only thing that really matters with academic letters of rec is finding someone that knows you well enough to write a detailed and convincing letter about your academic abilities. It would be absurd if only professors that had attended law school at the school you are trying to get into were suitable.

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