Advice for a friend?

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Advice for a friend?

Postby ThreeRivers » Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:42 pm

This legit isn't for me (as I have no interest in this field).

I have a friend who knows I'm going to law school / am obsessed with researching shit and was questioning me about their career goals. I basically had no clue, so I figured I'd ask some TLS members

She wants to go into some type of law involving education. Her major was education and public policy and she currently works at some non-profit. She's insanely interested in education reform and such but not too happy with her desk job. She's thinking she'd be most happy with a government type job / preferably in the Education Dept / but also maybe for some education PI.

I know nothing which is what I told her, but I told her my "guesses" were:

1. I wouldn't suggest going into law school if you'd only be happy with that narrow minded career path. Accept the fact that your only option of a job may be a public law firm and if you can't be happy doing that (which most people would be thrilled about) you probably shouldn't enter

2. To meet her goal probably want to get in an elite law school (Top 3)?

I also stated I basically was completely guessing / sorry that I couldn't help. Was my advice at all true? What is the job market like for those type of jobs? Is her final goal legitimate or is it something as prevalent as "entertainment law" / "constitution law." Or is it a job that exists, but not very likely unless the top 3? Or would t14 be acceptable?

Any input would be appreciated as I really had no clue... if this thread is somewhat successful I'll probably just link her to it

bp shinners

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Re: Advice for a friend?

Postby bp shinners » Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:44 am

She's probably better served by skipping law school and working for a non-profit or something similar that focuses on education reform. The three years of experience/connections she'll make there will be more valuable than a JD.

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Re: Advice for a friend?

Postby thelawschoolproject » Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:00 pm

I work in government now and I'm working on some educational policy, (although I mostly work on Corrections reforms) but I haven't gone to law school yet. So, it's definitely not necessary to have a JD. I think it depends on the type of work your friend wants to do. If she just wants to lobby for change then pursuing a JD may not be in her best interests. However, if she wants to reform the educational system through legal means (representing education cases, consult on the legal aspects of education, etc.) then a JD may be useful. But insofar as attaining government jobs is concerned connections > education in my experience--although I realize that may be different for other people.

This is, oddly enough, one of the reasons I debate attending law school to this day...I know that to do what I want I don't need a JD, but there's something about having the security of a JD should my connections no longer have pull (i.e. they don't get re-elected).

In addition to this, I don't think it's necessary to only attend a T3 school if your friend does decide to get a JD.

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