Critique my gameplan

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Critique my gameplan

Postby rocknugg89 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:29 am

Hello all, first post here.

So I plan on taking the October LSAT and have been trying to come up with an approach to studying. I've made a little outline and I was hoping a few of you experienced testers would let me know if it sounds legit or not. Sorry if there is already a similar post to this one - I haven't done an extensive search.

Since I have six months, I am going to spend the first three of those mastering the bibles. I was thinking about doing one bible per month and then drilling each section through the kaplan mastery practice book. I figure I'll be pretty darn familiar with all the concepts if I couple the bibles with the mastery book.

Then with the final three months I would simply tackle as many prep tests as I can get my hands on - reviewing each one ad nasuem. And then eventually finishing up with the superprep as one final measure.

Does this sound like an economical approach to tackling this thing? Has anyone implemented a similar approach and had success?

Also, I can't decide whether to buy the Big Orange Book of Real LSATs or the Kaplan Mastery Practice Book. I've seen them both on ebay, amazon, etc but I've heard differing arguments for both. Can someone definitively tell me which one would be a better buy for my above approach.

Thanks guys and gals. I appreciate it, and my apologies if this has all been covered in the past.


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Re: Critique my gameplan

Postby Blumpbeef » Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:54 am

Look at Manhattan in addition to or in place of the Bibles.

Orange book. Avoid Kaplan. Use only real tests. And start doing them as soon as possible. Make sure to do tests in the 30s early on (for tough Logic Games) and tests in the 50s (tough reading comprehension) by the 2 month mark.

I'd do superprep before doing other PTs because it has answers in the book. They are kinda hard too.

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