How does my plan look?

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Re: How does my plan look?

Postby hoos89 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:55 pm

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Re: How does my plan look?

Postby jhw219 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:56 pm

InGoodFaith wrote:
jhw219 wrote:
hoos89 wrote:
jhw219 wrote:your chances will definitely be impacted by the LSAT. Although my GPA isn't nearly as high as yours, there are people with my exact GPA and solid LSAT scores who are getting into Penn, Columbia, etc. while my disappointing score has landed me on the WL at the bottom T14. Also, and I don't mean to belittle your school, but your not applying from one of the top universities and there are definitely going to be people applying from Ivy's and other top 15's who are going to have GPAs just as good as yours so in order to remain competitive you're going to need a solid LSAT.

UG Institution is pretty much meaningless for law school admissions.

i mean, it's by no means going to be the deciding factor, but you can't tell me that an admissions officer is going to treat a 4.0 from an ivy the same way they would treat a 4.0 from a large state school. at the same time, getting a 2.x from an ivy is obviously not going to get you as far as a solid GPA from a less distinguished school. all i'm saying is that having a high GPA won't be enough since there will be other students from (arguably) more difficult schools with great GPAs too.

UG, along with your PS and LORs, would serve as a tiebreaker for people with identical numbers. Otherwise, no dice.

Right. Sorry, I should have made it more clear that it would only matter as a tiebreaker, I was just trying to make a point that OP shouldn't just rely on their GPA to guarantee them in.

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