166/3.32 @ Fordham & Emory: reatking in Feb, hold apps?

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166/3.32 @ Fordham & Emory: reatking in Feb, hold apps?

Postby john1990 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:10 pm

I have the option to hold my application until the February score gets in, but then there will be less seats. So, if my score does not improve i will be hurting my chances at getting in. This is possible, but i have been prepping at 170-172 so far. My question is wouldn't it be safer to continue as is and try to get in with my current numbers? Do i risk getting rejected, or is a wait list a sure thing? Is it harder to get off the wait list than it is to get a seat after Feb scores are in? Should i hold my applications?

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