Should I Send Updated Fall Transcript?

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Should I Send Updated Fall Transcript?

Postby nikkib » Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:41 am

I just got my fall semester grades and my gpa went up from a 3.52 to a 3.55 (calculated by LSAC it went from a 3.54 to probably a 3.56). I sent in my applications in mid-late October, and I was wondering if I sent in an updated transcript whether my application would go back to the bottom of the pile. So far I've gotten into 4 schools and deferred EA from one. When I sent in my LOCI to this school, I attached an unofficial transcript, but they said I should try to submit an official version through LSAC if possible. Obviously, it would be better for this school to send the updated transcript, but will it hurt my chances or delay my application everywhere else?

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