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Do disabled veteran (40% or more especially) get any prefer

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:02 am
by kfeaston
Do disabled veterans (especially 40% or more) get any kind of preferences for admission to law schools? Do they possibly count as an under represented minority? I am a disabled veteran (40%) and I exhausted my GI bill and I had it for 4 years so there is no ability of obtaining extra Voc rehab. My question however, is more based strictly on admissions, not financially. Any info would be great!

I am trying to get into William and Mary or NYU especially

Re: Do disabled veteran (40% or more especially) get any prefer

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:11 am
Thank you for your service. Why only those two schools? How big of a "reach" are they for you? If the LSAT is the problem, have you gotten/tried to get accommodated testing?

Re: Do disabled veteran (40% or more especially) get any prefer

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:14 am
by emkay625
Hello there. First of all, happy holidays and thank you for your service.

Second, it's hard to give good advice without knowing your situation. What is your GPA and have you taken the LSAT yet?

To sort of answer your question, yes, it will give you a big admissions boost. BUT it's not as important as your LSAT/GPA. Also, no, it will not give you URM status.

Re: Do disabled veteran (40% or more especially) get any prefer

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:48 am
by kfeaston
Thank you for your regards to my service. I currently go to a school (ECPI University Newport News) it's not the greatest school in the world but the one thing they do is do all their classes in 5 week terms back to back. I finished a term last Thursday, this past Monday I was already in my next set of classes. We only have 2 weeks off a year, 1 between Christmas and New years and the other the week of 4th of July. It is a fully accredited school and William and Mary Admissions have stated that they totally accept that institution's degree. I currently have a 3.64 GPA and by the end of January I will have a 3.69. This kind of leads me to another question which I will ask later. I am scheduled to take the Feb LSAT and I am currently unemployed till the beginning of January. At this point all I do is go to school and study for the LSAT. I had no idea my LSAT score was going to be this hard and competitive to get into law school. I took my first diagnostic Dec 8th and had a raw score of 55 which was somewhere around a 150. That is a horrible score from what I am reading and William and Mary told me they're really looking for someone with a 166 LSAT. So I have to increase my raw score by like 30 points or so to get that good of a score! I will graduate from my school by the end of July by the way.

I have been studying about 10-12 hours a day since the 8th of this month and plan on really hammering logic games during my week off from school next week. Logic games seem to be hit or miss with me for some reason. Either way in order to get the score I need, I need to do way better regardless. Another question I have (as mentioned previously) is about when the LSAC report your GPA to your interested law school. For example, William and Mary's application deadline is March 1st. However, I will be done with another term as of March 4th and could possibly get my grades posted on my transcript if I take my finals early and do my projects early, and have the new grades posted in the transcript by march 1st possibly which would boost my GPA from a 3.69 to a 3.72. Now, I will have to report, lets say my 3.69 that I will have as of late January, but is that the final score that LSAC will receive and submit to William and Mary? Or can I submit them the 3.69 before William and Mary's application deadline of March 1st and then March 1st (or whenever I can get my teacher to submit my grades by) submit my NEW transcript which will reflect that term that just passed which would give me a GPA of 3.72. Will William and Mary see the 3.72 via this avenue, or will they stick to the 3.69 that they received initially?

I live in Newport News VA and William and Mary is in the next town over (Williamsburg) and it is where my father went to law school (I would be a legacy there, does that help at all?) I am also going to apply to Regent University as their median LSAT is 151 and my GPA was way higher than their median GPA. I originally grew up in Northern NJ right outside of NY and always wanted to return there so that is why my #1 would be NYU, but I would be just as equally happy (and probably slightly more realistic than NYU) to go to William and Mary. If I went to William and Mary I would not have to move and I would be able to keep my job I am at (working midnight shifts) that I am about to start that pays pretty well for the area I live in. However, Richmond university is another option due to their average LSAT is a 161. The LSAT is where I am lacking and it feels like it is taking forever to improve my scores on practice exams. I have done 9 of them, 7 timed and 2 untimed. The untimed ones I get a raw score of about 70 which was a 160. I am slightly improving by maybe a few points since my timed diagnostic, as I took one today and bombed logic games compared to the diagnostic, but got a 59 raw score which is 4 points above the diagnostic.

I do not have the money to pay for a class or tutor, as I am unemployed, however I did buy 20 LSAC prep tests and 5 other LSAT books (Princeton Review, Kaplan Reading Comprehension, Logic games for dummies, etc.) Is it possible if I keep putting in the studying like Im doing to get to a 166+ LSAT by Feb 11? I am as of today, for the first time, now going over all the answers I got wrong on all 9 LSAT's and trying to do them again and then if I get it wrong, circle in red the right answer once I make another attempt and then to to fully grasp why it is right and why my choice was wrong. I am at this point doing it just for the logical reasoning part, as the amount of material there is to have to go through (9 LSAT tests).

Also should I do more untimed tests, or just stick to traditional timed tests?

So as far as all the questions I asked, from my father being a previous William and Mary Law School graduate, the LSAC GPA reporting issue timeline, realistic possibility of improvement on the LSAT as far as raw score and actual LSAT score to reach my 166 goal, should I do more untimed tests, and any other ideas that either relate to my initial post question, or any tips in general that you feel would be beneficial.

Thank you!