Distinctions between T-14 cultures

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Re: Distinctions between T-14 cultures

Postby caminante » Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:26 pm

hyakku wrote:Nice, thanks for the posts dizzle. I know they aren't telling or representative as a whole, but for those of us that can't afford to visit schools getting opinions like this is a small alternative to have.

I seem to see the sentiment about Mich students a lot throughout the board. I'm kind of disappointed I didn't apply to Penn., after so many people told me to look into while I was looking at Mich it really does seem like a solid school, and over the past few days people I've read many instances in which people praise their alum and the school in general. A bit late for that now though.

I'm also interested in Georgetown. I'm sure there are alot of the big government types, but I feel like that's the common thing said about students from there just because of it's location. Been making my way through the ask a student threads but haven't gotten through G Towns yet.

FWIW I just applied to Penn today. I don't think it's too late!

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Re: Distinctions between T-14 cultures

Postby acrossthelake » Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:55 pm

bobbyh1919 wrote:Not exactly sure how to phrase this question, but I'm just trying to get a sense of what each T-14 school is really known for (whether it be a pro or a con of attending the school). For example, it seems like Northwestern prides itself on professionalism based on their strong preference for work experience. Surely that influences the culture there. So basically,

What schools are the most laid back? The most intense? Which are known for being more social? Where is the standard of life highest/lowest ?(although obviously this will vary from person to person)

Getting more jobs focused, which have endured this economy better? Which ones are currently struggling more than usual? Which place surprisingly well/poorly in academia, clerkships, public interests, etc.?

Lots of questions, feel free to just answer any part. Thanks!

I can only talk about the school I go to...I'm sure posters at other schools will be able to talk about those.

Re: Laid back/intense. I'd say it varies by person, varies by section. Due to our size and the size of our sections, the sections are fairly insular (though not completely). I don't really know many people outside my section yet, but I'm also only one semester in. There were a few gunners, and also some notable slackers, but most people were somewhere in the middle. In a 80 person section, you're going to get diversity in terms of how laid back/intense/social people are.

Re: Social, I'm a small-gatherings type of person and had a lot of those to attend, but I can't speak as to the # of larger parties. That's not really indicative of HLS, just me.

Re: Economy/Jobs. This is well known in tiers. YHS--CCN--and so on and so forth. Re Clerkships: I think Chicago does pretty well and comparably to H at least.
I'd def. say HLs is probably top 3 for most of those. Public interest is difficult to gauge because less people tend to want to go into it. I know Berkely has a PI-focus and that NYU has some good scholarships for that.

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