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Re: Thoughts from a law professor

Postby PennQuaker » Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:25 pm

msuz wrote:So in OPs (or others) opinion, what % at a school would qualify it as being "worth it," as far as bar-required full-time employment is concerned?

None of them are worth it as long as we have an excess supply of 100+ law schools producting the surplus 20,000 to 25,000 law graduates each year that we don't need to meet demand. As a result of the huge oversupply, it ruins it even for the graduates from top schools.

Yeah, there are some Biglaw lottery winners each year from top schools, but 95% of those Biglaw associates washout within 3-7 years then have to go compete against everyone else is smaller law firms as a much lower salary. With Legalzoom and Suzie Orman sucking up the business that small law used to dominate, we are all in trouble. Even YHS graduates are in trouble after they wash out of Biglaw. Those YHS guys are also on the doc review circuit these days.

I think we all agree that the technology, and the internet in particular, has decreased the demand-or killed off-many industries(and it's only goiing to get worse.) No one wants to see people lose their jobs.

However, I'd be willing to be you also enjoy being able to read the news online(or on your iphone) for free, download music, read books online, and generally be able to accomplish almost anything without having to leave the house. Can't have it both ways folks.

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