How big of a mistake did I make?

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Re: How big of a mistake did I make?

Postby KevinP » Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:23 am

It won't matter. Quoting from a different thread:
How egregious was it? I mean, I had a typo on a resume where I said "shit" instead of "shift" to describe responsibilities at my retail job, and although I failed to correct it, I was still accepted most places I applied to and was not outright rejected anywhere.

Dany wrote:Seriously, it's not a big deal. They'll probably glance over it. Hell, I misspelled "Duke" as "University of Chicago" and still got in.

I honestly doubt Duke truly reads every single application. From another thread:

Oh wait, Duke accepted me about 2 days after going complete despite the fact that I sent in the wrong copy of my resume, which was half filled out, and had little parenthetical notes in it like (remember to add activities here), and (get former boss's telephone #).

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