This cycle or next? Or both?

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This cycle or next? Or both?

Postby rayz33 » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:34 pm

Hi Folks-

New to the forum and eager for counsel.

I am currently struggling whether or not I should apply this cycle.

The fact pattern:
I am gunning for Columbia or NYU to study in their respective tax programs. I am a non-URM, have a 3.6 from NYU and moderate "softs" (leadership in a few clubs/strong internships throughout university/worked 40 hours a week @ night throughout college to pay for school). Graduated in 2008 and have since been working my way up at a think tank in DC focused on federal tax policy. I have my recommendations submitted and am halfway to what I am hoping will be a strong personal statement.I just took the LSAT for the first time last Saturday (i know, i know -- extenuating circumstances prevented an earlier writing). Went well and am feeling confident I will hit somewhere in my PT range (172-177).

Obviously, I am little late in the cycle and wont be able to have my apps in until the first week of January. Given my relatively weak GPA, I am increasingly thinking -- after reading some posts elsewhere on the forum -- it might be better for me to wait till next cycle and maybe ED at one of the programs. Normally I would wait for LSATs to come back and make a decision from there but, complicating matters, I have recently been offered a position serving as an tax aide for a Congressman and I need to let them know ASAP (taking the job, assuming I get into the programs I want, I would attempt to defer.)

So -- finally -- my questions?

Assuming I hit my LSAT range, should I apply this cycle? Or is ED next a better idea?
If I do apply this cycle, does it hurt to reapply after a rejection?
How much would an additional year of WE in my relevant field bolster my applications?
Is it difficult/frowned upon to defer?

Sorry for the length.

Appreciate the help, everyone,

*reposted from the 'What are my chances thread?'

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Re: This cycle or next? Or both?

Postby seahawk32 » Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:04 pm

Idk, I'll wait for someone who knows to answer but in the meantime, wanna grab a beer?

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