should i even bother applying/attending?

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Which option?

A: LS this cycle with 3.28/177
B: B.A. job at computer game company
C: Stay at current B.A. job and look to jump on a banking/finance track
D: Other, please comment
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should i even bother applying/attending?

Postby theaether » Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:51 pm

a) apply this cycle probably submitting before 12/15 with 3.28/177, not looking into anything outside of t14 so maybe just all rejections and that would make my decision easier. but otherwise your typical massive debt and ??? job prospects

b) apply for business analyst job at a rising computer game company. honestly if all prestige/money/wish to fulfill parents' desires were taken out of the equation i'd want to do something such as this, just because i've been playing comptuer games my entire life. side note: this company has a general counsel position open to lawyers with 7 years exp, maybe take option a) and shoot for this or something similar in 10 years? trolololol

c) stick with current analyst job, try to learn a lot of stuff in the next year, and go a more typical (non computer game industry obv) banking/finance route

to be frank, the doom and gloom on these boards and in general are really making me question the value of a jd.
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Re: should i even bother applying/attending?

Postby Seneca » Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:09 pm

There are enough people who go to law school totally certain that they want to practice law and then end up miserably unemployed/employed that it seems to me if you don't already really want it for yourself and currently have other career options that are available, interesting, or lucrative, pass on law school. If you decide you want to go into law later, you'll still be sitting on an excellent LSAT score and have the advantage of more perspective and WE and the opportunity to apply earlier in the cycle.

Apply for the analyst job now and see where that takes you.
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Re: should i even bother applying/attending?

Postby apollo2015 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:16 pm

I think in the end you need to follow your heart. If working in the video game industry is what would make you feel fulfilled, then that is a major point in its favor.

As a backup plan, you could always apply to a couple of local law schools that you are likely to get into with your GPA, and see how you feel about them in a few months.

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