Cornell Financial Aid Question

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Cornell Financial Aid Question

Postby topsch125 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:22 pm

Cornell has the following financial aid question:
Our deadline for applications for financial aid is March 15, 2012. Will you be applying for financial aid?

Anyone knows what happens if you answer "yes", and you don't end up applying, OR if you answer "no", but you find that you need to apply? What is the reason for this question?

Also, do you know how international students should fund their law school?

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Re: Cornell Financial Aid Question

Postby yuzu » Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:09 am
"In keeping with Ezra Cornell's vision, the university practices "need-blind" admission. Your ability to pay has no bearing on whether you are admitted."

I think they are just wondering whether they will need to let the financial aid office know about your admission. If you are applying for aid and you get admitted, they want to provide the aid information as quickly as possible. I think there is no harm in saying "yes".
Funding can be difficult for international students; most schools do not provide loans. Cornell is no exception. If you cannot come up with the money through personal/family resources:
- You can hope for a merit scholarship on admission (but even with a full scholarship, at most schools you'd still be on the hook for cost of living)
- You can get a partial need-based grant through the financial aid application
- You can get a US private loan if a creditworthy US resident is willing to cosign your loan and take full responsiblity for it
- You can get a loan in a foreign country. In some countries (e.g. Canada) the government provides loans or other financing for U.S. study. In other countries (e.g. India) there are private loan options, but these may be limited and expensive.

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