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ED Chicago

Postby redbullvodka » Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:03 pm

Hey all,

So Chicago's absolutely my first choice...love the more academic focus (relative to everyone else non-HYS), the small class size, and the weather (yes, I actually prefer cold weather). With a 3.6/173, I don't feel like I'm really foregoing that much money from relevant schools (MVPD/Cornell), and even run the risk of riding the waitlist on at least 2/3 of MVP. I can't see myself choosing anything over Chi, with the possible exception of Columbia; I don't see that happening anyway, though. Will probably look to practice in Chicago/NYC, and have a strong secondary market on the east coast to come back to.

ED the right decision here? I have everything ready for their app, but haven't hit the ED application button. Thoughts?

P.S. I know I asked something like this earlier in the month, but I want some fresh perspective.

Edit: Mods please move this, I don't know why I thought I was in Law School Admissions.

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