Submitting by Saturday

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Submitting by Saturday

Postby redbullvodka » Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:38 am

Hey everyone,

I guess you could consider this a moot question, since it's what I'm doing anyway, but I kind of just want people's thoughts/maybe a shred of reassurance.

I was waiting to hear back from TFA before really submitting apps, since I knew I was going to take it if I got the job, so applying seemed silly. Unfortunately I was not accepted, and now I'm finalizing my law school apps. I'm planning to be all done and submitted by this Saturday, and I just wanted everyone's thoughts on if I'm still "early" if I get them in by then (the 12th). 3.63/173 LSAT so I know i'm borderline to begin with at CCN, but I'm 80% sure i'm floating chicago an ED app.

Thoughts? If you think this is a stupid thread topic, feel free to say it haha.

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Re: Submitting by Saturday

Postby Opie » Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:51 am

It's not that stupid. We see some real stupid. Anything before Thanksgiving (US) is still early. Yours won't be that early, but I think you'll fall into the second round of accepances for most schools. I don't know enough about your targets to comment on their specifics though.

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