GPA Addendum for study abroad?

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GPA Addendum for study abroad?

Postby tdicks » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:02 am

So, LSAC just got all of my transcripts and I finally got a look at my academic summary report. I had never seen my transcript for my study abroad term, as it just showed up at 14 hours of credit from a different university (that my SA program was run through) on my undergraduate transcript. there weren't even courses listed, just the credit.

apparently i got a 2.88?? this brings my already not so great 3.65 down to a 3.55. while i was abroad, we got no syllabi, had no homework, quizzes, tests or assignments for the duration of the semester, until we took one test and wrote 3 one page papers and a 10 page research paper without any real guidelines on what we should be doing. i know that i got 6 hours worth of Cs for one Chinese test, and then rest i'm not sure how it breaks down by course, but it's 6 hours of Bs and 4 hours of As. considering that we had no feedback, no guidelines on what was expected or how we were graded, i really don't think this reflects the level of work i'm capable of, and i think that's obvious looking at the rest of my transcript.

is this something i can address in an addendum? or does it just seem like i'm whining and making up excuses?

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