Submit Multiple LSAT Addendum AFTER apps already sent?

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Send in an addendum after I sent out the apps?

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Submit Multiple LSAT Addendum AFTER apps already sent?

Postby Tim0thy222 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:55 pm

I already sent in all the apps I'm going to send in for now, which include the following:


Should I see about sending in a multiple LSAT addendum? I submitted all these apps 3-4 days ago. Before I thought the jump would speak for itself (167--->177), but now after searching around these threads I'm wondering if I should. The reasons I did so much better the second time include the following:

*I was out of UG for the second test and had an extra month of non-stop studying
*The first time I took the test, I was foolishly using Kaplan books, and didn't discover Powerscore and TLS until it was too late
*The first time around I was stumped by a tough logic game and ran out of time on an LR section and RC. I prepared for this the second time around.

Pretty typical reasons I felt, which is why I didn't bother with the addendum at first. But reading more I have seen it suggested that law schools are looking for ANY reason to take the higher score, so this sort of explanation may be worth putting in an addendum.

Should I do it? If so, to which schools?

And what should I say?

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