Didn't send a resume

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Didn't send a resume

Postby beezy08 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:55 pm

At two schools I applied to, I didn't attach a resume because a) it was optional, and b) I literally copy-pasted parts of my resume onto the relevant sections of their application, so literally everything was already in the application and I thought it would be redundant. Some schools required them, so I sent it regardless of the redundancy, and some schools didn't have a place to put some of my involvement, so I sent them one as well.

Should I have sent one? I can email admission and have them add it to my file. Also, I am interviewing for an internship at the state attorney's office on monday. Should I wait and see if I get that and update my resume, then send it? Or send in the resume now and send an update it if I get the internship(if it will even matter at all)?

Sorry if this appears as a really dumb panic-related question, but I am just making sure I am doing this right.

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