Criminal Conviction

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Criminal Conviction

Postby jnordlander » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:46 pm

I have been convicted of a Minor in Possession--an infraction, not a misdemeanor in California--, and I am currently awaiting the results of a DUI trial. The DUI was not alcohol related. I was under the influence of prescribed anxiety medications and was pulled over for an unrelated reason, ie not driving erratically. I will obviously disclose these on my application.

My stats are 3.45 (extreme positive progression and extremely high unit totals), and a 173. I have three sterling LOR's from professors who are knowledgeable about the DUI, along with good work history, and a history of leadership in legal community service organizations.

My obvious question is how much is this going to hurt me? Do I have a shot? How should I go about disclosing the DUI's? Would it help to have the professors address it in their LOR's? They would do it if I asked.

Mal Reynolds

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Re: Criminal Conviction

Postby Mal Reynolds » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:59 pm

I don't want to speculate how it will help or hurt you, maybe others who know people in similar situations can go into more detail. But I can tell you what I have gathered from the TLS consensus.
-multiple incidents are more difficult than any single event because it shows a patter of behavior
-putting time in between the arrest/citation/conviction is always a plus since you can make the argument you have matured
-people usually overestimate the effect these things will have on decisions because law schools have an incentive to take you if you have good numbers since they don't have to report your background to US News

So I don't know exactly how it will hurt you but make sure you read everything on how to disclose.

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