Addendum for LSAT score jump (8 points)?

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Addendum for LSAT score jump (8 points)?

Postby cobcob » Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:54 pm

My LSAT score jumped from a 153 in February '11 to 161 October '11. I'm definitely seeking admission to schools that would require a 161 to be competitive. Should I include an addendum? Some schools I intend to apply to are GA State, Tulane, FSU. GA State averages their scores and Tulane mentions this about multiple LSAT scores:

"If you took the LSAT more than once, we will see all of your scores. We encourage you to provide us with information that will help us determine which score is more indicative of your abilities."

Any recommendations?

The score jump is from being more prepared and less nervous. (no crazy medical excuses to be had)

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