C&F and LSAT Retake

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C&F and LSAT Retake

Postby anonymousaccount » Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:46 am

I want to know if I should retake the LSAT in december, to try for a higher score, to mitigate a few infractions I have on my record. If I didn't have these, I would be fine with my current score (below). I aim to get into UC Davis or Hastings (that would be great), if not then Loyola or Pepperdine (satisfactory), and I suppose U of San Diego as a backup. But I'd really like to go to Hastings or Davis. So here are my stats:

LSAT: 163
GPA: 3.7
Softs: Good LORs, High Honors, Honors Program (aka Academic Excellence Award), a couple of other academic/research awards, Research Assistant in Psych. for 1.5 years, Senior Honors Thesis, President of the undergraduate philosophy club for 1 year, volunteer work with the Red Cross, including being an officer in the Red Cross club on campus.
(I know that soft factors don't matter much, but I include them here so I can present a holistic picture of my situation, as I'm hoping my softs will mitigate my record/history)


Drinking violations in the dorms
an arrest for public intoxication (misdemeanor) that was lowered to a disturbing the peace, infraction; by taking a class on alcohol and substance abuse.

Minor in possession of alcohol, infraction.

Public intoxication, lowered to a disturbing the peace, infraction; by pleading guilty.
Noise violation, infraction.

(I obviously partied way too recklessly in college, and there is no excuse for this. I'm not here to justify myself, I just need advice)

2011 (end of Senior Year/Graduation)

So, given my goals and statistics/history, do you think it would make sense for me to retake the LSAT, and try to get something like a 166-168 (which I think is definitely doable for me), or do you think my record isn't that bad, and that I still have a good shot at Davis or Hastings?

I guess another, perhaps simpler way of posing this question would be: how much do you think this record will hurt my chances?

Thank you in advance for your help with this, I really appreciate it (as I'm not sure what to do).

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Re: C&F and LSAT Retake

Postby Corsair » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:32 am



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Re: C&F and LSAT Retake

Postby bmore » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:34 am

If it's doable then just do it.

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