Resume question

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Resume question

Postby sfamor » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:56 pm

I am a slightly older applicant (about to be 29) and I have always worked from Freshman year UG to the present, sometimes at mutiple part-time jobs. A lot of my jobs from UG were work-study and to keep things interesting I would try out a different work study job each semester. This was totally fine and actually encouraged at my UG, but it basically means I had 8 different jobs from UG alone and then I had several un-paid and paid internships after graduating, and then some real jobs. Iff I listed them all in my law school resume it would be way too long and so I have decided not to list every single position. I have a section on the resume entitled "Professional Experience." Is it ok to put right after that heading "Selected List"? So it would like look like this: PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (Selected List). Or what would be the best way to format it to convey that I am only listing the most relevant or important positions, but that I did indeed actually work more?

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Re: Resume question

Postby luxxe » Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:48 pm

People don't include everything that they have ever done on their resume. Adcomms are going to assume that submitting a one-page resume is a selected list of the things that you have done, especially at 29. I would not put "selected list" anywhere on your resume.

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