Confused at LSAC GPA

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Re: Confused at LSAC GPA

Postby birdlaw117 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:18 pm

coldshoulder wrote:Where I'm from, CC class was taken at high school. The classes were no more difficult than AP (actually easier) but I had no interest in mathematics and did not pay attention or even go to most of the classes. Yes, for my 16 year-old self, that was immature. But hell, how does my performance in Math 1050/1060 affect my future performance in law school? A large part of college should be the ability to start over and have your now adult life be the focus of future applications.

Moral of the story: You're older and still stupid. LSAC is very much to blame for this. I'm attempting to move on and kill the LSAT, but I should not have to be at this disadvantage.

Your performance in Math 1050 has nothing to do with future performance in law school. However, I assume you want to include your A+ in Basket-weaving 101 you took as a Freshman at your UG, right? You can't just pick and choose the applicable classes from a UG curriculum (because most students would be left with zero classes to measure a GPA from).

If you're going to blame the LSAC for your own immaturities (yes, even when you're 16), then maybe you should go work for a few years, mature, and then apply to law school when you're ready to be an adult.

I'm sick of this entitlement bullshit. Take responsibility for your own fuck-ups. My grades at my UG were certainly not all they could be, but I don't go blaming anyone but myself. I even had some grade disputes, but I blame myself for not following through on them. I screwed up, not my profs that assigned me a B when it should have been an A. I didn't get it corrected, so I should be the one to suffer because of it.

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