Criminal Record

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Criminal Record

Postby admisionquestion » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:25 am

I am very confused about disclosing my record. I have never done anything very bad. I have a few curfew violation tickets as a kid, and a many minor driving tickets (no DUI's or anything serious like that).

Do I really have to disclose things I did as a minor? If so, how can I find out what the exact charges were etc?

Do I really have to disclose things which are no longer on my record (traffic tickets that were wiped etc)?

It seems absurd (but not unlikely) that I would need to disclose things that are sealed for the purpose of not affecting things like this...

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Re: Criminal Record

Postby ebo » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:31 am

It will likely depend on the specific schools' application. Some will ask if you have ever been charged, others will only ask for convictions. Some will request that you disclose offenses, even if they have been expunged.

Contact the court system where your offenses occurred. Some of the info may be public record online. Make sure the disclose everything and don't try to "get around" disclosing something- the state bar to which you will apply will request your law school application to ensure that you were truthful in your disclosures. Apparently dealing with the C&F board of a state bar is a real headache and should be avoided whenever possible.

Law schools likely won't care about minor violations several years ago. Don't worry about it, just make sure to disclose everything.

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