Quasi-International Transcript Question

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Quasi-International Transcript Question

Postby basilseal » Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:58 am

Thanks in advance for your help. I've emailed LSAC, but as I'd rather not wait three days to hear from them, I figured I'd ask TLS.

In UG, I studied for six months in England. Off the bat, I would say that normally I wouldn't worry about having a transcript sent, as this is less than the one-year equivalency required by LSAC. However, this study was organized by and run through another domestic American university, and it is that university which provided me with a transcript. HOWEVER, all students who took part in the program also matriculated at the English university, and were considered full students.

After an initial email to LSAC, I was directed to have a transcript sent from this domestic university. LSAC processed it today, but with a big yellow (!) caution sign saying "A letter has been added to your file in place of a transcript from the institution(s) noted above." I know that this institution sent a transcript rather than any other type of letter, as I confirmed this with them.

Would this fall under "International Courtesy Copy" even though it's from a domestic institution? Or would my weird hybrid domestic/international transcript status be causing this hang-up?

I'm sorry if this is less than crystal clear, which I suspect it might be.

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