Richard Montauk's advice inconsistent with TLS's...?

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Re: Richard Montauk's advice inconsistent with TLS's...?

Postby die Zauberflote » Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:35 pm

thecilent wrote:
die Zauberflote wrote:
thecilent wrote:QF you are an idiot.

Sick, bro. Way to add.

No probs, brah

You checked out the new fall line (LinkRemoved) yet?

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Re: Richard Montauk's advice inconsistent with TLS's...?

Postby KingMenes » Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:43 pm

Patriot1208 wrote:
KingMenes wrote:
Oh yeah, someone posted a really good article about America's failing business schools.
In summary, business schools/majors aren't learning shit.... :|

Business schools, just like colleges in general, are solely dependent on where you go. College is a waste of money for a lot of people at a lot of universities in general. A lot of shit colleges have business schools. Business schools are just suffering the same fate as a lot of colleges. But vocational majors like accounting and finance are more likely to get you, as an individual, a job. And business schools at good schools generally provide better opportunities than the university as a whole. Wharton, Stern, Olin, Haas, Ross, Mendoza, Mcintire, etc all offer better employment options than their respective universities as a whole. The business school I attend has a median starting salary roughly ~12k higher than the median for the rest of the campus. Not to mention that many companies offer signing bonuses in the range of 5-10k. Now i'm sure the engineering students do just as well, but they are not that numerous.

True. I think that the education bubble is pretty much ready to pop. Too many graduates and not enough jobs.
In the USA, the entire educational system is going to be revamped over the next decade.
The American Dream myth died with the mortgage meltdown, so people are being forced to rethink the
cost-benefit of rote learning they receive at too many universities across the nation. How does a particular education translate into job prospects? That's the question people are facing now. Prior to the 2007 meltdown, it was assumed that a college degree led to a middle class lifetsyle. In 2011, not so much.......

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