My low CC GPA vs high 4yr school GPA

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My low CC GPA vs high 4yr school GPA

Postby jang01 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:33 pm

hello guys, im a current university student transferred from community college last year.

Because I was young and stupid, my GPA from CC was pretty low. it was 3.35 excluding all the 1 D, 2 Fs, and 2 Ws. My CC let me re-take the classes to make up my CC GPA numbers. the classes that I took at CC are mostly composed of general education classes and lower division classes.

But right now at my recent school, i took mostly of my upper division classes (my major classes) and putting up very high GPA numbers. Since I am trying to apply for the law school next year, I am trying to keep my winning tradition for the next 2 yrs at my university.

so my question is, even if I manage to get respectable number on my LSAT (175 and up), do you think my LSAC (or LSDAS GPA?) will thwart me from getting into the T-14 law school with all that Ds and Fs?? or does law school admission look at ur university GPA more than they do look at your CC GPA? i mean if i keep up with my good work and get high GPA (probably 3.7 or higher) at my current 4yr school, can i still get into T-14 law school? (Or even Columbia?)

p.s. I took 90 units at CC and am planning to take 90 units at my university

ill be waiting for your information. thank you all to the future lawyers!!


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Re: My low CC GPA vs high 4yr school GPA

Postby bk1 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:34 pm

They only care about your LSAC GPA but a good LSAT will help you get into good schools.

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Re: My low CC GPA vs high 4yr school GPA

Postby mickeyD » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:52 pm

Unfortunately LSAC factors in that 1 D and those 2 Fs into your LSAC GPA, even though you retook those classes, they will be factored into your GPA. The W's (unless they are withdraw+fail) are not counted. Assuming your poor grades were in 3 credit classes, this drops your CC GPA to 3.08: ... ulator.htm

Using the LSP GPA calculator, I created a 3.35 GPA over 90 credits:
A: 31 credits
A-: 1 credit
B: 58 credits
= 3.35

When you factor in the classes that you retook..
A: 31 credits
A-: 1 credit
B: 58 credits
D: 3 credits
F: 6 credits
= 3.08

Obviously that distribution of A's and B's isn't what you actually got but for averaging purposes it doesn't matter. This is also assuming that when you said "90 credits," you were also excluding your D's and F's.

The highest you could raise your GPA with 90 more credits would be to a 3.67, which would require you to get 90 credits worth of A+, a highly unlikely outcome for anyone (your school may not even offer A+). A more realistic performance, let's say, 60 credits of A's and 30 credits of B's, would put you at a 3.36.

Using Law School Predictor, you would need an LSAT score of 176 to be a "Consider" at Columbia.

TLDR version: It's gonna be really tough to raise your GPA enough to reach even Columbia's 25th percentile (3.61). Instead of taking an extra 30 credits at your university, it would likely be wiser/cheaper for you to spend that time prepping for the LSAT. It's the factor that you have the most control of in this situation, and thankfully it is also the factor that will weigh the most in your admissions.

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