Studying Abroad Question (Emergency)

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Studying Abroad Question (Emergency)

Postby ipodlover77 » Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:12 pm

@also posted at college confidential but because I'm specifically interested in law school, maybe this is the better place to post it.

Hi guys, I was wondering if i could get your opinions here. I seem to be stuck right in the middle.

Im in my senior year and most likely will grad with a 2.8ish. Looking to study hard for the LSATS and attempt to go to catholic.

My question is, should i study abroad for the first semester of my senior year? Would it make my applications "better"? Or is there no point in going. The experience, I really don't care about (edited), its just whether or not it'll give me a needed boost (never did a extra curricular activity in school) on my application.

Im a Korean student that was accepted to Yonsei (if i do decide to go).

The cons are this though, even if i did well overseas, the grades won't actually impact my GPA. I'll get the credits and whoever gets my transcript can see the grades but it won't effect my GPA. This could be both positive and negative but in my situation, I feel it is more negative. Another problem that arises is that going to Korea would MOST LIKELY require me to study an extra semester at school. So instead of graduating at the end of the year, I would graduate a semester late. Again, Im trying to figure out if studying abroad would outweigh the fact that i'll be graduating a semester late. Whats the point of paying tuition for an extra semester if going to Korea won't benefit me that much.

so for you college admission geniuses, what is your thought on this? many of my friends say the experience is good and that law schools would appreciate this but I dont know. I wanted to get more feedback regarding this. Deadline to pay the Yonsei tuition is July 1st and this decision has been killing me.

theres no mistaking it, i want to go to korea. I think it'll be fun but if it really doesnt benefit me college wise than theres no point in paying more money and graduating one semester late.

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Re: Studying Abroad Question (Emergency)

Postby l'aviadora » Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:29 am

I don't think it will impact your applications that much for Catholic, if that's what you're asking. Don't go there. You need to kill the LSAT. Your admission to a reputable LS depends on it. Stay here and take the extra semester anyway. Get your GPA up above 3.0 if possible. You're in a good position because you still have some time to raise your UGPA. Outside of requirements, take the classes that you know you can get an A in. If your school offers A+, get those. They are worth 4.3 in the LSAC calculation.

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Re: Studying Abroad Question (Emergency)

Postby JamMasterJ » Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:34 am

Do whatever gives you a shot at raising your gpa over 3.0. FWIW, law schools do not tend to give much weight to foreign exchange gpas.

ipodlover77 wrote: Looking to study hard for the LSATS


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