Study abroad transcript question

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Study abroad transcript question

Postby Excel » Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:45 am

I have spent this past semester studying in Sydney. Prior to studying abroad, I read on the lsac website they pretty much do not require semester abroad grades, so I have been under the impression law schools wouldnt see these grades. Last week, I received a email saying that even though these grades wont count to my home gpa, they will still appear on my school transcript as converted grades with transfer credits.

Between studying for class, the LSAT, and making the most of my time here, I didnt exactly go all out on my assignments. My classes have been hard hell, and I cant say Im fond of the system-the semester is over and I am JUST getting grades back from some of my classes, and to my surprise, theyre not pretty. There seems to be a significant chance I will fail 2 of the 4 classes I took. I hate excuses but I do wish I was aware of where I stood earlier in the semester; I would have amped up my efforts for sure. Anyway, though I will not receive credit for them on my school (so they wont be factored into my gpa), an F will show up on my transcript there.

Anyway, any clue if these are going to show up on my LSAC gpa? My question is, am I screwed? I have a 3.3 GPA that drops to 3.0 or below if these get included. The LSAC commission doesnt even require study abroad transcripts so clearly they dont place a heavy emphasis on my performance there; should i start drafting admendums explaining why my GPA isnt so hot? Or should I not be worried as the lsac will not even include them? Any light that could be shed onto this would be very appreciated!

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Re: Study abroad transcript question

Postby cinephile » Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:22 pm

Do you have to transfer these grades at all to your home institution? When I studied abroad, I still had to petition to transfer those credits and get them approved at my college. If your program was through your college, it might be more difficult. But what if you simply didn't transfer these grades and spent an extra semester in school?

Also, maybe your school will be more generous when they convert the grades if Australia's system is different. Check with others at your school.

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