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LSAC Credentials

Postby 90LawSchool » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:58 pm

First, let me apologize if I put this in the wrong place. Since I set up my LSAC account, I've transfered schools. So under transcripts it shows the wrong "Bachelor's Degree-granting Institution". How can I get this changed - I hit the edit button and cannot edit the school.

Thanks so much!

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Hawkeye Pierce

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Re: LSAC Credentials

Postby Hawkeye Pierce » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:18 am

Well, when you send in your transcripts, you're going to need to do for every institution that you've attended. So, I would simply add your new institution to the list.

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Re: LSAC Credentials

Postby jump_man » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:26 am

You can also call LSAC during business hours - I've found them to be surprisingly helpful over the phone.

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