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Re: Widener TAP 2011

Postby squash11 » Wed May 18, 2011 11:49 pm

ValByst wrote:Thanks... I think I will enjoy this program. So far, I really like Widener. The professors seem great, and the school recognized TAP students' potentials which is something I truly appreciate and will take full advantage of.

Even though I would like to stay in school in my home city (thus why I'd like to transfer eventually if at all possible), I think Widener has more to offer than many people may think.
Anyway, good luck guys. We all travel our separate paths.

I agree!


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Re: Widener TAP 2011

Postby squash11 » Thu May 19, 2011 12:14 am

Sorry for the delay!

I can't speak to what the professors in Harrisburg are like - since I was at the DE campus. However, the majority of the professor are nice and willing to answer questions. There is/was one professor that no one liked during TAP, but other than that the other professors were agreeable. Also, some professors were more interesting than others but that may also have to do with the subject of the course.

Are they accessible? That depends on the campus and the individual professors. One of the professors in DE wouldn't respond to any emails and would only talk to students in class, during office hours, or on the phone. This was unfortunate because sending an email is so much easier.

Yes, old exams are available. There are some in the library and also some of the professors give out old exams for students to review. You will take a few practice exams before the final exams.

They change the final exams so I can't give much insight into what they are like. In my opinion, last summer's exams were hard and took a lot of time to do. Also, there was so many different things you could have touched on in your answers. One exam is a memo and the other two were regular exams. In my case, the one exam was all essays while the other was multiple choice (which is actually more difficult than it may seem) and essays. After the exam is over you think of all kinds of different things that you should have or could have included in your answers.

As for study methods. That's something that each person has to figure out for themselves. In my opinion, you can't go into this with a study method set in stone. What works for one person (or even one class) won't necessarily work for another.

Hope this helps! Best of luck!


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Re: Widener TAP 2011

Postby taxguy » Thu May 19, 2011 7:48 am

northwood wrote:
taxguy wrote:When I saw that my son was invited into two Tap progams (also known as AAMPLE programs), I initially thought, "What a scam. Here are bottom tiered law schools charging a bundle for courses that don't count for credit and only have to accept 30% of the students." After researching the results of these programs on law school performance, I have completely reconsidered. Most kids who succeed in TAP end up among the top of their first year class and usually do much better than those not in TAP. Even those who didn't pass tap seem to do well in law school. So, congrats to you. I think you will have a very successful law school performance. In fact, the TAP results were so impressive for those that participated in them that I suggested to my son to accept a TAP program even though he was fully accepted at another law school. Enjoy the experience.

dont those programs cost a ton of money? Do the credits count? I would personally be wary of any school that makes you pay to try out to see if you are worth the admissions offer, but to each their own i guess.

I initially thought it was a scam too in not giving credit for actual courses taken at law schools; However,law schools are not allowed to give credits to TAP/AAMPLE kids due to ABA rules. These kids aren't admitted students yet. Thus, they can't get credit until they are formally admitted. Although I see why the ABA promulgated this, it does cause a bizarre result in this case.

Also be prepared to work like you probably have never worked before. My son is averaging over 60 hours or homework per week in addition to the 20 hours of work of class time.


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Re: Widener TAP 2011

Postby livelovelaugh49 » Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:08 pm

Mylawz wrote:I will be attending Harrisburg TAP this summer, very excited. Questions for Squash. On average how many hours did you study/read each week? Did you work while in TAP? Did the classes in TAP help you in the Fall?

Where is Harrisburg TAP? Very exciting for you... I was looking all over the website and saw on the TLC stats that we have somewhat similar stats, so I am reaching out to you to get some more information/words of advice as I am looking to apply to places starting this fall. Did you find that you had more options by applying to PT programs rather than FT programs? Were you able to get any scholarship money? If you don't feel comfortable answering any of these questions just let me know! Where else did you apply to and where were you accepted? I think those are all the questions I have for now, I appreciate you taking the time to answer them. If anyone else is in the same boat or has been (146 LSAT 3.65 GPA) please shed light on your experience as it will really help me out! Thanks so much!!


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Re: Widener TAP 2011

Postby Y2alizad » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:05 pm

I know this is a very old post to be putting this up on but I felt that it was important for future TAPS students to know. If you have recently taken the LSAT and have received a Widener Law School TAPS admission do you self and turn it down. I was one of those fools that make the mistake to accept and go through the process. I am a 3L student currently at a Tier 1 Law School now so I will tell you my story and you make you own call.

I first took the LSAT and received a 154. You may be asking you self why did I apply to Widener Law School with a 155? I unfortunately due to working two jobs to help support my family had an undergraduate GPA of 2.5. My Graduate School GPA was 3.7 where I only worked a single job. However, despite all the information provided to you Widener Law School does not care about you life work history and will generally only look at your GPA and LSAT score. The reason for this is that they are having a great deal of issues relating to there reputation as a Law School that produces solid future lawyers.

My first day of TAPS was what you would expect from the first day of any Law School. You are nervous about doing well. You will be told by Professor Turzen that if you know the law and if you are able to properly convey you understanding of the legal subject you will be focusing on then you will be fine and will get more then a 2.3 GPA (C+) which is what is required to pass the program. You will be told that they do not grade on a curve and this may be true. However, as you are going through the program you will start to get indications from you writing class through sample writing feed back that you get a "check +" "check" "check -". They do not grade based on a true grading scales where you would get an A, B , C. You may say well what is the big deal with how they grade? If you do not see what the issue is then let me put it out for you very clearly. IF YOU WRITE AN EXAM THAT IN GENERAL LAW SCHOOL WOULD GET YOU A GRADE OF "A" YOU WILL GET A C+. REMEMBER C- IS A FAIL. They will tell you that the 2.3 is cumulative that if your paper is good then it will help you Torts exam. You do the math and try to figure out how this will work for you.

After I failed the program I was not told as to what my grades were. I decided to study and take the LSAT again and was able to get a 165 which got me into a very good school. While at this school I ask the dean of the writing department if I could show him a paper I had worked on and get his feed back as to how he would grade the paper as teacher. After 2 days he gave me a A on the paper. I tell you this not to brag. Remember it was the same paper that i gave the teacher at Widener.

My point in making this post is simple. Many students who have the dream and goal of becoming a lawyer will work their rear off. What Widener Law School in the TAPS program is doing to student is given the students a false impression that they do not have what it takes to do well in law school. I can tell you from personal experience that you will do just fine. The program is a joke. Do yourself a favor and focus on the LSAT and raise your score and you will be fine.

I am sorry for the typos and spelling errors. I am making this post late at night.

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