Online admission portals - which T-14 has the smoothest?

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Re: Online admission portals - which T-14 has the smoothest?

Postby ComatoseClown » Tue May 03, 2011 6:02 pm

That's definitely the way to choose a law school.

-I'm not choosing a law school based on the answers in these threads. As I said before you posted, I'm simply wanting a heads up on what generally to expect and not be surprised at in terms of treatment during the admissions process by actual people working in the admissions department.

chimp wrote:
kwais wrote:I'm telling you, I had to reset my password twice, so I was like, screw you Mich, I can do better elsewhere. Kudos OP for bringing up this little discussed issue.

This is a pretty pathetic attempt at a flame.

-I actually differ and found it pretty funny, ha.

Question: So UChicago is actually decent when it comes to their admissions personnel? I ask because I HATE when schools (esp. UG schools) sign the end of their e-mails with "Office of Admissions" and can't even give a name of the person who was writing the e-mail to you. I e-mailed UChicago Law a question (unrelated to admissions) and found that they did this to me, i.e. "Sincerely, UChicago Law Admissions". I e-mailed the same question to UMichigan Law and their response e-mail was signed with the actual name of the admissions officer writing the e-mail. Isn't this odd, given that they're a public institution with a large bureaucracy and could care less about a future applicant writing in, i.e. "simply just a number among the masses"? Correct me and elaborate if I'm wrong.

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Re: Online admission portals - which T-14 has the smoothest?

Postby ahduth » Fri May 06, 2011 12:38 pm

People in Michigan are nice.

People in Hyde Park have to deal with the oppressive soul-crushing atmosphere of... Hyde Park. It's a wonder they even manage to answer the phones.

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