Business School vs. Law School

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Business School vs. Law School

Postby mgoblue21 » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:20 pm

Hey everybody,

I'm at a crossroads with a decision to make and was hoping that this great community could provide some solid direction. Brief overview of myself: I've scored well enough on the LSAT (170) to (hopefully) land somewhere in Top 14. I graduated from undergrad last spring and am making $60k right now. My job was always supposed to be a stop-gap for graduate/law school, and I still consider it as such because it's just not somewhere I want to be 3 years from now. I've always seen myself going to law school and have prepared accordingly. However, the more people I talk to--mainly graduating law school students from Tier 3's--I'm being advised that getting an MBA is a much better alternative to attending a Top14 law school. Was hoping some could provide some more in-depth perspective on the law school vs. b-school choice.



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Re: Business School vs. Law School

Postby aliarrow » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:32 pm

Most B school prospects are even worse than law school right now.

If you could see yourself staying with the same company/industry (which it doesn't seem you want to do), then go to whatever B school and try to get your employer to pay for it.
If you can get enough WE and can score fairly high on the GMAT then it might be worth it to go to a top Business school.

If you actually want to be a lawyer then just go to law school.

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