Albany v. Syracuse

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Albany v. Syracuse

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Albany v. Syracuse

Postby polo797 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:34 pm

As I'm making my final decisions on where to go, I'm interested in getting your take. I'm waitlisted at Univ. of Richmond, which is my absolute first choice. Provided I don't make it off the UR waitlist, I'm debating between Albany and Syracuse. I used to live in Albany and am familiar with many in state government, which perhaps could give me a leg up. I feel, however, Syracuse has a stronger program and a better reputation. What do you think?

The only other school I'm looking at is Elon because it's close to where I live now (Charlotte), but I don't think it's a contender anymore.

Thanks, in advance, for your insight and advice!

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Re: Albany v. Syracuse

Postby mrtoren » Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:38 pm

Assuming you have no scholarship money from either of the two institutions, you should be weary of the total COA. Write out every single cost to get a feel for what those three years are going to cost you and how much interest will accumulate over the life of the loans. Its pretty staggering. That being said, I would choose Albany if I was in your position. It seems to have its local market under control and it sends a lot of grads into government work. You said you know people in the government in Albany, so thats definitely a plus. See if Albany has a LRAP. Again, make sure you understand the poverty you will placing yourself into by going to a sticker-priced private law school with meager prospects of a low paying public sector job. Even if you get your loans wiped in ten years, you will be living pay check to pay check until your mid-to-late thirties. Thats debt that even bankruptcy won't wipe.

EDIT - Albany estimates total COA at just under $180k. With no scholarship money that's suicide. Syracuse even slightly higher. My revised recommendation is to hold off and improve your LSAT or find a state university. U of Buffalo-SUNY Law School is $17k per year. CUNY-Queens Law School is even cheaper at $12k. Total COA would be probably be around half of the previous schools. If you bust your hump, get near the top of the class, on the law review/moot court, etc, you will have the same chances at a government job as someone coming out of Syracuse or Albany. Only you will have a lot less debt and risk than any of them.

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