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Postby justadude55 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:42 pm

Hey, I know there were a lot of us, and I wanted to start a thread for all people willing to weigh in on how they handled it, and if they have heard back.

I submitted an LOCI and a 4th letter of recommendation along with updated grades. I did not submit the paper, because the letter clearly said "paper or additional LOR."

I am a bit afraid at the 3.9 and 174s getting held/waitlisted when I know some ED people got in with 166s or GPAs sub 3.5. Penn seemed much more splitter friendly for ED, and I hope they treat held ED's the same way.

I do have some decent offers, but I'm really banking/hoping for UPENN. I just like the city a lot, have always felt at home there and really think that as long as I worked hard I could live a great quality of life coming out of UPENN. If I don't get in there, I would not go to Philly as the next ranked school is out of t-1.

Also, the UR date does not change correct?

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