Should I send a correction to my applications?

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Should I send a correction to my applications?

Postby niederbomb » Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:48 am

On 3 of my applications, I pre-filled in the contact information for one of my employers (overseas) before giving the LOR form to him. I put in the wrong email address but the correct phone number. Neither of us caught it until now.

Since I helped my referee compose the letter in proper English, I'm afraid the adcomms will try to contact him by email, after seeing similarities in writing style vis-a-vis my PS, without telling me and then just waitlist me when they don't hear back. Like I said, the organization's phone number is correct, but I doubt schools will bother calling with a 13 hour difference in time zones.

Should I send a correction to the schools? Or should I have my employer do so via email or fax? Maybe we could say that the email address changed; that way, they won't think of it as a careless mistake. Advice?

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