Academic Transcript Addendum for CLEP tests

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Academic Transcript Addendum for CLEP tests

Postby niederbomb » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:53 pm

I took 21 hours of CLEP tests which are Pass/Fail for many of my bone-head bullshit prerequisite courses like "Intro to Psychology." Thus, only 119/140 of my credit hours were actually taken for a grade.

I didn't do it to get out of hard courses; in fact, I did it for most of the easiest courses, so if anything, my (decent) GPA would be lower if I hadn't done it to save money. I didn't have money. I worked during most of college to pay for tuition and still starved half the time, so I thought I could shave an extra year off my UG education.

Do I need to write an addendum?

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