Cornell vs. Duke vs. Michigan

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Re: Cornell vs. Duke vs. Michigan

Postby niederbomb » Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:15 pm

St.Remy wrote:
paulinaporizkova wrote:I think what's WAY more important is staying as close to the top of your class as you can once you get to one of these schools....if you do that then you won't have to worry about job prospects anywhere


Between Cornell, Duke, and Michigan I would give the edge to Michigan by a hair, since there are many of the people hiring in the city are very parochial. Their view of how good schools are probably hasn't changed in thirty years, and thirty years ago Michigan was close to the top of the heap. That being said, the advantage is minuscule, and being at the top of your class is far more important than which of these three to attend. Go where you prefer and where you can get the most $, maybe not in that order.

Michigan has declined that much?

So if I go now will they be a TTT before I make partner?

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