ED application on hold. February LSAT?

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Upton Sinclair

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ED application on hold. February LSAT?

Postby Upton Sinclair » Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:18 pm

Hey guys. My ED application to Northwestern was put on hold late last week. I have ~3.4 and a 170. At this point, I think the only thing I can do to improve my application is to retake the February LSAT. I'm willing to put in the work, but I need to start right away, and obviously there is no guarantee I can improve. Full disclosure: Northwestern is by FAR my top choice.

My question is if anyone has information on how the school will view a February retake. Additionally, I don't want to destroy my chances at my other schools. I have one acceptance and one hold as of right now. Will signing up for the February administration delay my applications at other schools? Could it affect scholarships? I submitted most of the applications 10/30, and all of them were in by 11/20.

Sorry for the scatterbrained post, I'm trying to get this off before I leave the office. Thanks in advance for help/opinions.


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Re: ED application on hold. February LSAT?

Postby pbutta123 » Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:10 pm

It's definitely possible (also many schools policies) that they wiil hold your application if you sign up for a Feb LSAT. I'm certain you could call and ask them to ignore the new LSAT but I still suspect it may create problems in giving your application a fair review. However, I do believe if you score a 175+ it would definitely help.
(This is my personal perspective and decision so take it with a grain of salt.)
I am in a similar situation with a waitlist to one school and a hold on my ED to Columbia. I figure if I do retake and want to use the leverage of a higher LSAT then I better make sure I score that higher score or die (exaggeration building jumpers!). Also, if I wait until the end of my cycle and take a June LSAT: the schools will have made their decisions; I can use the time to ensure a higher LSAT; use it for scholarship leverage; get off a waitlist; or apply extra early the next cycle. These options prove much more beneficial in my eyes then rushing a Feb LSAT (possibly scoring the same or lower) and disrupting my cycle...such a big risk. And who knows, its possible you still get in! So that's my logic. But it's up to you to make your own decision.
I hope that helps.
Good luck!


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Re: ED application on hold. February LSAT?

Postby 09042014 » Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:14 pm

Do you have work experience?

Aim for a 172. That should pretty much seal your application.

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