Worth it to Apply for Root Tilden at NYU?

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Worth it to Apply for Root Tilden at NYU?

Postby ash8309 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:39 am

I have a low GPA - 3.08. I retook the LSAT in December and think I will get about a 163-165. However, I have nearly 5 years of work experience in the public interest, working in global security on international human rights (with international field experience in Croatia) and foreign policy. I've been at national security non profits in DC in leadership positions for the past 4 years, and my PS is all about how I want to use a law degree in the global security/foreign policy realms.

I know my numbers are really low for NYU, but not sure if my WE would be interesting enough for them to have a shot. I'm also 1/4 Mexican (so I always check both Mexican and Caucasian boxes), and have written what I think think is a pretty good diversity statement about my socio-economic/ethnic background.

What do you guys think? Worth it to apply? Be brutal and honest.

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Re: Worth it to Apply for Root Tilden at NYU?

Postby clintonius » Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:46 am

If you're applying to NYU anyways, then you should go ahead and apply for the scholarship. I'll be honest -- I don't think your chances at admission are good, even with a URM boost, but I'm hardly an expert in the area. And if you get in, I bet your WE would at least make it worthwhile to compete for the scholly.

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