Has anyone ever asked for a fee waiver?

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Re: Has anyone ever asked for a fee waiver?

Postby bport hopeful » Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:36 pm

DukeCornell wrote:Damn, I forgot about this thread. Okay, I didn't solicit on the grounds of need vs. merit, I simply asked politely. I kept my message(s) short, sweet, and to the point (thinking: they have better shit to do than to read a 5 paragraph cover letter). In all of my messages I did include my LSAC ID, and gave my app cycle. The schools that what wanted specifics asked if it was need or merit. Most schools didn't care. I think this is because I gave them my LSAC ID and they could pull up my info on their own. Word of advice: Don't turn this shit into rocket science, keep it simple. The schools I contacted were more than happy to waive a fucking $80 fee, some more than others.

Also, try emailing the administrative assistants. At some schools, they were surprised to receive an email (I think it made them feel good), as a result, they waived my app fee without question. In addition, they shared valuable inside info about the process at their school (when to vist, when to call, who to contact). I think I'm going to marry one of NYU's administrative assistants. :lol:

TITCR. Email whoever you can get a hold of, they seem to enjoy it. The dean at UCONN wrote me a nice little sympothizing with applicants and the financial burden of applying. Keeping it simple is also good advice. If they are willing to give it to you, they will. If they aren't, adding unneccessary details wont help.

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Re: Has anyone ever asked for a fee waiver?

Postby Gotti » Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:38 pm

swampthang wrote:
Gotti wrote:Nah, GW, Hastings, and U Chicago are examples of schools that don't give need-based fee waivers....unless they lied to me when I asked lol

Interesting. Maybe they just have a lower threshold for "need" than some of the other schools? Or maybe they also take merit into account? You don't have an LSAC fee wavier do you? Because I'm pretty sure LSAC fee waiver = automatic fee waiver everywhere.

I'm pretty sure GW, Hastings, and Berkeley say no need-based fee waivers unless you have an LSAC fee waiver. So for me, even though I definitely needed fee waivers to apply and could prove it with my financial situation, some schools still said they didn't do need-based unless I had an LSAC fee waiver, which I didn't qualify for.

This is the email i got from GW in response to a fee waiver request:

GW Admissions wrote:Thank you for your interest in GW Law-- we appreciate the hard work you have done so far!

From the information you have provided, you appear to be an outstanding candidate.

In response to your request for an application fee waiver --

If you have received a need-based fee waiver from LSAC, your GW Law application fee will automatically be waived when you submit your application online through LSAC. Other than for individuals in programs such as Teach For America, AmeriCorps or Peace Corps, this is the only circumstance in which we are granting fee waivers.

The funds that we collect in application fees are put into financial aid, and help allow us to provide generous grants and scholarships to our students. One merit-based scholarship that we offer to outstanding applicants is the Presidential Merit Scholarship. This award is tied to our binding early admission process. If GW Law is at the top of your list, I encourage you to apply for binding early admission. To review more detailed information about this program, please go to: http://www.law.gwu.edu/Admissions/apply ... early.aspx. All applicants are considered for merit-based and need-based aid on the basis of their applicati! ons as submitted.

Please let me know if you have further questions or if I may be of assistance as you work your way through the law school admissions process.

Thank you, and best wishes for you as you begin your legal career.

Chicago said something like "We don't do need-based fee waivers unless you have an LSAC fee waiver. If you qualify for a merit-based waiver, you will get one through CRS)

Berkeley's website says:
Boalt Hall wrote:We offer a need-based application fee waiver program, which is administered by LSAC.We will waive your Berkeley Law application fee if you are approved for an LSAC fee waiver. If you apply electronically, your application fee will be waived automatically. If you submit a paper application, simply include a copy of your LSAC fee waiver approval letter with your application.


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Re: Has anyone ever asked for a fee waiver?

Postby lawschool12345 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:20 pm

I've also received an email after I've applied saying that I should have had a waiver and they were sending a check in the mail, so you can apply and email after because some schools seem willing to do this as well

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