Should I have sent a GPA addendum?

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Uhh, this application process is giving me night terrors...

Should have sent an addendum.
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The admissions committee carefully reviews the actual transcripts.
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I had a similarly borderline addendum question, and feel your pain. Let's have a brandy alexander when we get to NYU.
You're an idiot and/or I hate you.
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Should I have sent a GPA addendum?

Postby ahduth » Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:29 am

I've gone back and forth on this one. People said I was an idiot for even worrying about it, but then again, most of them weren't applying to law school.

My grades during one semester were significantly worse than the others. If you actually look at my transcript, it makes abundantly clear that the semester was taken overseas, and taught entirely in a foreign language. My GPA exclusive of that semester pushes me above the 75th for the schools I'm the most likely candidate for, and puts slightly above the median for certain other schools (particularly, Harvard, where I would now meet both 2013 medians).

I guess I was hoping adcomm would look at my transcript pretty closely, see that I received only one non-A outside of that semester abroad, and take it into account that way. But reviewing the LSDAS report again, I'm doubting myself. Since that semester is comingled as an entire academic year in their presentation, it mostly looks like I screwed up during my middle year.

The other thing is that I've been out of school for awhile (I'm "non-traditional"). So I don't know that grades matter as much, and I don't even know if grade inflation in the intervening years plays a part. So I may be worrying unnecessarily?

Basically, will they look at the transcript to determine what caused those lower grades that year? Or should I have sent an addendum.

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Re: Should I have sent a GPA addendum?

Postby txadv11 » Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:40 am

I think submitting an addendum would only draw attention to a relatively minor issue. Then again, I don't know how critical the level of HYS's review is. I would assume they get so many applications that your cumulative LSDAS GPA is what is really important (aside from LSAT)

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