Potential transcript fail?

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Re: Potential transcript fail?

Postby Total Litigator » Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:40 am

Btw, I have to ask. Have you taken a practice LSAT yet? Is a 170 a realistic possibility? I'm not saying a 170 can't be done if your practice tests are low right now, as I think anyone with a head on their shoulders can score a 165+ if they really put work into studying, but a 170 will be that much more difficult of a goal the lower your current practice test scores are.

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Re: Potential transcript fail?

Postby gobuffs10 » Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:59 am

Right now PTs are upper 150 low 160s. I agree that with enough practice it is possible to get a 165+. As far as 170 being a possibility, I doubt it for this cycle. Ever? Probably not if I retake in June. My diagramming on Games needs work; LR and RC are fairly strong, with RC being the best. I have gained a lot of insight through Power Score as to what to look for on LR, so that has gone up. My main issue now is just getting sections finished; I tend to linger on more difficult questions because it doesn't occur to me to come back, so I waste valuable time. In Oct. both LR sections I finished, so I tend to work a bit better time-wise on test day. On the PTs I usually have to guess on 5 or 6 per section because I run out of time; I think that if I could improve my speed and even pick up 2 more per section it would help tremendously. As far as games, everything I answer I answer accurately; problem is I only usually get to halfway through game 3.

The other issue is I got my scores back around October 25 or something, and decided the next week to retake. So I gave myself an entire 5 weeks to prepare, and if I need to get 165+ I think I'm rushing it.

Now my main focus is as many PTs as possible before next Thursday. I know that not showing up doesn't count against you, so that's my deadline for deciding whether to take the December test or not. I need to see where my scores are by then. If I'm hitting low to mid 160s consistently by then, I'll probably take it. If I'm still borderline, I don't think I'm going to waste a valuable test. What do you think? Is it possible?

Edit: I don't know if a school list will help you in determining my best course of action, so some of my hopes were Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio State, Colorado, Denver (if I had to...it's close to my house but I really dislike that school), Arizona State, and Minnesota.

Many of those are doable with 165+ and 2.5, according to LSP. I guess if I'm shooting for 170+ I may as well throw in some T20s though huh? We'll see...right now I have some decisions to make.

I know regionally that's a bit all over. I've lived in Colorado my entire life and wouldn't mind getting out. I wouldn't mind staying either. I'm pretty easy.

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