December grads, what to do until Law school?

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Re: December grads, what to do until Law school?

Postby 2011Law » Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:47 am

On the downside, I'll be living with my parents for 7 months. On the upside, I'll be living in Miami for free the last 7 months before I start law school, and since I don't think I'll be returning home for that extended a stay for a long long time (I'll probably come back when I'm old if its not underwater), I think I'm gonna take it pretty easy, though still do at least a few hours of reading a day so I don't get rusty. If my LSAT score isn't good enough though and I decide to re-take and apply next cycle, I'll definitely find as decent job as I can get for a year and a half.

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