Individual need-based fee waiver - define documentation?

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Individual need-based fee waiver - define documentation?

Postby amorfati » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:42 pm

I recently requested a merit-based fee waiver for BC and BU, as I had received fee waivers at several higher ranked schools (from Georgetown on up to Columbia) and I would like to apply to these two as backups. However, both replied that they only give need-based fee waivers, and that I would need to provide documentation of my financial situation.

I would definitely say that I have need, as I have been actively looking for a job since I finished my master's program in May (going on 7 months... ugh). But I'm wondering, how does one go about proving that? I know one way is to be collecting unemployment benefits -- but from what I understand, to do that, I think I would need to be registered with an employment agency (which really isn't done in my field). Also, I'm getting some bare minimum assistance from my parents to tide me over until I find something, and worst case scenario I'll probably just get a waitressing job after Christmas... so trying to get on unemployment just to get a fee waiver would probably be a bit over the top.

So... any ideas? Just suck it up and pay it? Or perhaps just not bother applying? (BU is so hideous anyway!)


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Re: Individual need-based fee waiver - define documentation?

Postby ldboston » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:45 pm

I sent my tax returns, statements of student loan balances, and wrote a letter explaining my financial situation. Got fee waivers from BU and BC as well as others.

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