Law School Admission Scheme II

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Law School Admission Scheme II

Postby JesusChrist » Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:01 am

So, if anyone remembers me, I was the guy who asked about taking on a random 2nd major so I could stay at my UG for a 5th year and try to pad my GPA to make up for a bombed freshman year. I'm still kinda undecided about it but it's looking like I probably won't. It's just such a big time and money commitment that I don't feel comfortable with.

Anyways, scheme 2:

I take classes at a local JC in order to beef up my GPA. I'd take classes for the Winter intermission quarter, tack on extra classes during the school year, extra classes during the summer etc.

Will law schools see this as an obvious ploy and discount my GPA by a few tenths to make up for this scheme? Like will a 3.6 be looked at as a 3.5? Or, will law schools just care about listing a 3.6 for purposes of their rankings?

I'd plan on taking somewhat hard classes. I see no point in taking history or PHI courses at a JC. I'd be taking Science, Math and Comp Sci courses. So in some ways, it's really a pursuit of knowledge and curiosity sort of thing. Except, there's a scam-y part to it. But I don't see the 2 as being mutually exclusive.


Sept '10 LSAT: 164, a but below my PT average but I completely blew the LG and got a -10 where I usually get -0 or -3 wrong at most. With a retake I feel I can hit 170+, maybe. With a perfect LG score I would have gotten a 169-170.
GPA: If i take a year off, i think I can get it as high as 3.6 and possibly 3.7 if I can hit some A+s.
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Re: Law School Admission Scheme II

Postby glitched » Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:22 pm

What I think most people will say on this forum is that schools won't care too much where your numbers are coming from because they only care about their numbers to help their rankings. But in my opinion, for the schools where yiu will be in the middle, it will matter. With that being said, don't worry too much about it - just try your best, and get those A+'s because thats the only control you have over this process - and there is nothing more you can do.

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